Sunday, December 19, 2010


Have you every stood by the stove and waited for the tea pot to whistle?  Well, this is worse!  Dick and I both are patiently waiting for "THE CALL" but so far no call. 
This morning at church they prayed for Dick's healing......   rather than praying for healing, pray for the right heart to be made available to Dick.  The clock is still ticking; we are so hoping that during this thirty day period, the perfect matched heart will be made available.
Thank you all for your continued prayer and support.
Love to each of you this Christmas season,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Clock is Ticking Again

Dick is back on the #oneA list!  After  Dr. Zigler's report Friday morning to the transplant team, Dick was put back on the list.  Much of what was thought to be shingles, (by amateur doctors = family, was a reaction to the tape, dry weather and medications.  So, we are once again on call.
This time we are better prepared for what is coming.  The kids and I will have to be traveling back and forth due to work schedules unlike last time; taking turns.
I pray you all will have a wonderful Christmas season with your family and your friends.  Hopefully soon, Dick and I will be able to have you all to our home to celebrate the conclusion of a very long journey.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Saga Continues

Today the "powers at be" put Dick on hold because of his shingles.  I guess the transplant team want to be sure that his shingles do not interfere with the implantation process.  This holding patterns is exactly that.  His precious 1st place spot will not be wasted during this time of evaluation.  Once it is decided the shingles will not be problematic at the time of implant, he will be reinstated.
So.....  please pray for all this.  Dick's emotions are really taking a tole and could possibly be the cause of his shingles; in fact we both are quite numb.  I guess only God knows our future.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pray Pray Pray

I just received a call from the hospital, Dick is being put on the  "#one A"  list!!!!!  We are to have our phones on us at all time, so the clock is ticking.  He has thirty day where he will be the first one to get a heart if one comes in that matches his blood type, basic size, etc.  This will be the only opportunity for this thirty day window so please pray that the right heart will come in.   Also pray for the dear person and the family of the person giving Dick their heart - it will be a difficult time for them.
This is wonderful news for us; could this really be happening?
Lots of love,