Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabulous Family and Friends

Between Dick and I, we keep our children busy.  Dede and Richard actually have temporarily moved in and are taking care of our basic needs and John and Ashley are helping with much of our business affairs.  Dear friends have brought food almost every evening.  If it had not been for all the help I don't know what I would be doing.  Dick is continually improving but I, on the other hand, am totally NEEDY.  Dede and I have had many hilarious moment getting me dressed and other things. I now wear a body brace and putting it on and  taking it off is not a easy thing.  I am to wear a t-shirt under the brace to keep it away from my skin so....       the t-shirt plus the brace plus basic over blouse plus a cover up plus stacks - well forget the high style for a few month. If you see, don't laugh....  I'm doing the best I can.
Sleep is at a premium around here, in fact if anyone is out around 2:30 AM stop by, Dick could use some company
Dede is taking Dick to Minneapolis for a checkup with his heart doctor.  He is  getting close to being put on the list.  Let's Hope.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Mom's status

Hello Everyone,
It's Robert and I wanted to get a quick update to all our blog followers on mom's surgery yesterday.  Dede just called and said it was a success and the doctor was pleased with how everything went. Having said that, the doctor also said it was a very difficult surgery where he had to "grind" out the bone that had been compressing the spinal cord and successfully insert cages between her vertebrae. The doctor was not able to use screws to hold everything together because the arthritic bone density was so dense that to try to insert screws could have injured the spinal cord or damaged nerves; the risk was not worth it.  
Here is a link demonstrating the operation (, click spine then PLIF).
Today, mom was even walking, one day later!  She will spend Thursday and Friday in the hospital and leave Saturday to continue recovering back home.  She won't be able to lift anything heavier then 10/15 lbs for at least three months and she is experiencing lots of body pain so please keep her in prayer.

Thank you for all your kind comments and prayers!  And thank God for His continued mercy and grace over both Mary and Dick and their healing!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mary's Turn

Dick is progressing nicely as you may have seen on the news report I sent out.  But as for me, I am complete worn out, mostly because of my back .  I have been working like mad fire trying to finish work I had left dangling this past summer and have been really trying to get moving on current projects,  all in addition to helping Dick with his schedule and needs. Well tonight about 7:00 PM I finally arrived at a place where I can comfortably say, "I'm ready."  As many of you know, in a few hours, five to be precise, I go in for back surgery.   I can't imagine how wonderful it will be to finally go up and down stairs and walk without pain and to be able to stand straight again. Although I know it will be painful, I am looking forward to lots of sleep. I am very confident in Dr Gust, my neurosurgeon's ability and trust completely in God's protection and grace.   Thank you ahead of time for all your prayers.  I will sign in again in a few days, when I'm off the pain pump,  and let you know how everything went.