Monday, October 11, 2010

Fabulous Family and Friends

Between Dick and I, we keep our children busy.  Dede and Richard actually have temporarily moved in and are taking care of our basic needs and John and Ashley are helping with much of our business affairs.  Dear friends have brought food almost every evening.  If it had not been for all the help I don't know what I would be doing.  Dick is continually improving but I, on the other hand, am totally NEEDY.  Dede and I have had many hilarious moment getting me dressed and other things. I now wear a body brace and putting it on and  taking it off is not a easy thing.  I am to wear a t-shirt under the brace to keep it away from my skin so....       the t-shirt plus the brace plus basic over blouse plus a cover up plus stacks - well forget the high style for a few month. If you see, don't laugh....  I'm doing the best I can.
Sleep is at a premium around here, in fact if anyone is out around 2:30 AM stop by, Dick could use some company
Dede is taking Dick to Minneapolis for a checkup with his heart doctor.  He is  getting close to being put on the list.  Let's Hope.....

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  1. LOL our autistic kid has me up at 0230 now and again... although I probably wouldn't be much of a conversationalist. But it will be in my heart and mind to pray for you both every time I'm up in the wee hours.