Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Saga Continues

Today the "powers at be" put Dick on hold because of his shingles.  I guess the transplant team want to be sure that his shingles do not interfere with the implantation process.  This holding patterns is exactly that.  His precious 1st place spot will not be wasted during this time of evaluation.  Once it is decided the shingles will not be problematic at the time of implant, he will be reinstated.
So.....  please pray for all this.  Dick's emotions are really taking a tole and could possibly be the cause of his shingles; in fact we both are quite numb.  I guess only God knows our future.


  1. My evening prayers are ahead. This Advent season is full of Scripture about God's promises - the old promises fulfilled in Jesus' birth and the standing promise of the age to come. May God's faithfulness relieve anxiety. Praying for all the fruit of the Spirit in your lives.

  2. So sorry Dad. It will all work out. Love ya, Dede

  3. Dick and Mary,

    You can count on my continued prayers. It is such an emotional roller coaster that you are on. It must be extremely exhausting--physically, emotionally and, yes, even spiritually. I will be praying for strength for both of you in all three areas. God is still present and loves you both, even in the midst of the chaos that seems unending, at times.

    We love both of you very much and hope you can feel the love of so many, along with all of their prayers.

    Mike Bonenberger

  4. Oh my goodness, Dick and Mary.
    May it bring comfort that so many are holding you in prayer. May you actually feel us holding you in the light of God's magnificant Presence. He will bring you through this and deepen your love for each other and for Him. Do join hands in prayer and love as you together trust Him. He works miracles, and already has. I believe that very soon you will be back on that first place list; you are on God's first place list, even though it cannot feel like it at times. You must help each other. His touch on your lives will come from your holding each other.
    We love you.
    John and Sally