Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Days!

Stir crazy has set in. Dick is finally getting some sleep and now is finding the hospital boring. The doctor's continue to check him and stated that he is stable as long as he continues the IV medications controlling pressures and water levels.  They say he is in good shape for surgery on Tuesday and they expect good results.
Dede, who arrived on Thursday, and I continue to try to personalize the apartment.  We are currently in need of some good art for the walls as they are rather drab.  If you have any good, inexpensive ideas, I would like to hear them.
Mike, John, Ashley and Eva are planning to come up tomorrow.  It will be nice for Dick to see some new faces.
Robert McDonough
Monday afternoon he will be prepped for another heart catheter and moved to ICU until Tuesday's surgery.

Robert, thank you for the beautiful orchid you sent.

Also thanks to the County Commissioners for the gorgeous arrangement.
Minnehaha Commissioners and Staff
Dick checks his emails regularly, so send him some uplifting emails at  After surgery Tuesday, he will be out of it for a few days so he will not be responding.

If you would like to send Dick a card, send it to our apartment:
920 Delaware St #1001 Mpls, MN 55414.

Thank for your continued support and prayers.

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  1. What about those old prints I had in college? They are in the mini-warehouse? Remember that Liechtenstein?