Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wonderful Staff

Dick's wonderful team of doctors.  Dr. Corbin-Adams is a heart failure doctor who was called in.  I don't think these doctors actually have a life.  They are here from morning to evening, spending quality time with us each time they come by.

Dick's favorite nurse.  Maia...

I am teaching Dede to knit.  There is much down time and we are trying to take advantage of it anyway possible.

Mike,  John,  Ashley,  and Eva came to Minneapolis today.  Dick took a stroll to the lobby for some quality time with the family.  Doctors gave Dick a "hall pass" until 9:00 so the family had supper together at the hospital cafeteria.  That trip was enough to tire him out, so bedtime came shortly after that.


  1. It sound like Dick is taking advantage of his "down time" which is a good thing! It's nice that family and friends can be there for some quality time together. I'm in your corner Dick!

    Larry Weaver

  2. Thank you Larry for your support.

  3. MARY and was such a blessing to be part of your journey toward healing! I love you both and will continue to hold you in my prayers - Susan

  4. Love you Grandpa. Your doing very well and im keeping you in my prayers.