Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday's Thoughts

Today is Sunday, and Dick is doing great and growing stronger; little by little new steps are being made including actual steps, actually walking half way down the hall.  He has started eating three small meals and gives me an occasional spontaneous smile.  Every day from here on out he will be getting better, he actually has very little chest pain from the surgery.  Today I looked at his face and he finally has some color.   Instead of  his face being a pasty grayish yellow he now appears to have pink cheeks, a little pink on his nose, chin and forehead, and his lips are turning reddish; I marvel at what good blood flow can accomplish.

As I think about this entire ordeal when there are huge uncontrollable circumstances that seem to swallow us and where we find ourselves unable and helpless to change anything or to counteract any of this; I can only trust God.   I choose to embrace GRACE .   "He meets us where we are and meets as we are." To be able to watch God perform such marvelous healing in Dick is truly miraculous.  I find myself marveling at Christ.  Only God is able to turn all this for His good.

Please note the date change below.  Our son Richard actually made me aware that tomorrow is the 9th and not the 16th and it is tomorrow when Dick will be moved from ICU to his own room upstairs.  PRAISE GOD!    It has been a long two weeks.
Love to each of you!

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