Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Picture Says a Million Words

Doesn't he look GREAT
How Blessed am I!!  Wow, what a wonderful family

Our great LVAD Coordinator/trainer  -  Shawn
My first time solo .....  Will be tested soon

YUM....  Finally a decent meal !

(We snuck in some pasta from Applebee's)


  1. These are great! Noodles, yet. Sure beats orange jello! It looks like someone blushed up his cheeks, but the idea that it is natural is awesome. Way to go, Dick. God and we are on your side! Bren

  2. What great pics.....You look sooooo good Dick after that ordeal. What a blessing! So happy to see your great progress. So many have been praying for you and we all love you both. Nancy