Friday, August 13, 2010

Free At Last!

Beautiful women surround him every day.  I wonder if he really wants to leave.....
This is Angela, his PA.  She has been with Dick throughout his entire journey; from assisting in surgery all the way through today.

Erin and Dick

This morning started off with Kevin (sorry no picture), Shawn's LVAD partner, coming in and going over our tests.  WE BOTH PASSED!   The few questions we missed, we reviewed so we have more understanding of what happens when the control monitor shows 8000 RPM's per pump speed.  You can't believe what we have had to learn, you would be impressed.  After going over things, the LVAD team signed off on Dick.

His physical therapist Erin found us a deal on the Cadillac of walkers - fire red.  For those of you who have known Dick from way back when, you may remember his red Buick convertible and his red Jeep.  Now he has a red Cadillac.  Ha Ha.
Erin has worked with Dick and was truly impressed with his progress, so much so, she also signed his discharge.

 Incredibly, Dick will only have one physical therapy treatment next week and three the following week, then released to go back to Sioux Falls, provided all things go well.  Can you believe it?  I think he must be one of their favorite patients, a real success story!

Free at last, free at last, THANK GOD, he is free at last!


  1. Incredible! Way to go. We might not beat you back to Sioux Falls. That's OK by us. Love the red cadillac. It even has a jump seat! Wow -- first class all the way. Prayers continue. A&B

  2. Way to go! Oh, my goodness! So happy to get such a good report! Blessings and continued healing and strengthening as you go!

  3. Wow!!! With God all things are possible! Bet you will be happy to head home....both of you. Wish I were there....I could cook a few of my nutritious boring meals for you and of course, Mary & I would make a Texas sheet cake. Really good news. You did better than Chaney who was in the hospital for nearly a month. Lots of love, Nancy

  4. I am so thrilled! I know you are both anxious to come home...we are waiting for you with open arms...

  5. Dick and all - This is fabulous!! You are truly amazing. Keep up the great work and PLEASE don't over do. We miss you but will survive until you are ready to be here. Anne Hajek

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! Blessings,
    Nate & Megan