Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving Upstairs

Today Dick moved upstairs.  It was late in the day when he, hopefully for the last time, left ICU.  His nurse Chris had him walking in the hall two different times.   Although it is still really exhausting for him, each day he grow stronger and is able to do more then the day before.  Robert flew in from San Diego around noon and he and Richard were both around of the first LVAD training.  Shawn our LVAD Co-coordinator taught me how to change Dick's dressing. I will have to practice daily to get this perfected, because they won't release Dick from the hospital till I pass the LVAD dressing test.   There will be more training every day, teaching me everything I will need to know about the devise.  Since this pump actually is circulating 90% of Dick’s blood, it is absolutely vital that we know everything about it. 

 After dinner Pat and Angie arrived from Omaha and are now in his room trying to keep him awake.  The consistent problem for Dick has been not sleeping at night, so tonight we are trying a new technique, keep him awake till 10:00 PM and then let his clock get back on a normal schedule.  Please pray that he can begin to sleep at night.    
Speaking of sleep, I think it is about that time.  Goodnight


  1. Sleep is vital, but best when on a regular schedule. Prayers go out for a good Night's Sleep. Don't let this guy become like a babe with his days and nights confussed. Happens with being under anathesia! Prayers continue/
    Good luck, Mary with dressing lesson. My goodness, so much to learn. Bren

  2. Congrats with getting a comment to work. Now looks who isn't sleeping. It is 1:30 and I am wide awake. You know when you so get so tired that you can't sleep; well I think I'm there.
    Love you,

  3. Dear Mary and Dick,
    Keeping you both lifted up in Prayer.
    God will see you through......keep hanging on to Him.
    Much Love

  4. So excited that Dick is now in his own room. How often do you need to change the dressing? I am sure you are going to be a wonderful "nurse" through this . Thanks for the blog. It is so wonderful to get updates on a regular basis. Thank you for taking the time and for all you have done. How are you feeling? Prayers and blessings to you, Dick, and the kids...........Love, Nancy

  5. Hello to all of the Kellys. Mary, I know you will learn all you need to learn, but you do need to take care of yourself. You cannot be all you want to be for Dick if you are not getting sleep yourself, dear girl. Our prayers are with you.