Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Turn

Day 12 of my second chance at life. I asked Mary if I could write today's blog.  Someone asked me if I reviewed the content or pictures in this saga and I assure you I have not, in fact this weekend was the first I saw most of the postings. Do you really think I would allow a picture of me trying to eat noodles or some of the 'Tuesday or Wednesday pictures!
John, Ashley and Eva made a supply run so we have a full house for dinner. I am finding that 7 people in a 2 bedroom apartment gets a little close after a while. But it is great to see them.

Our son Richard designed these t-shirts with the logo "We love Dick Kelly" that actually shows a heart with the LVAD pump connected.  This is pretty close to the actual size and the position it lays in the chest cavity.  

I began my rehab at home Physical Therapy today with a walk outside. I forget how much strength I have lost, but it is coming back. Most frustrating, is my fingers which are still weak and uncordinated.
But primarily I wanted to take the opportunity to THANK everyone for the cards, flowers, and prayers over the past two weeks. We are but halfway through this experience which will end when I get that big call to come back for a new heart. I can't tell you all  how important your friendship has been during this period. I am looking forward to getting back to work next month and back to Sioux Falls.

Again, thank you all.


  1. You look great and not like you have been through this healed so fast and that is wonderful. I am so grateful for this blog which has kept us all aware of you and what was happening. I thought the noodles picture was funny and I wondered what you would say about that!!!Ha,ha!!! You are in our prayers.....Love, Ray and Nancy

  2. Dick, you are truly a trooper and we celebrate your adventure and recovery. Be glad it was noodles and not soup that was dribbling down your chin!The picture of "your heart" is impressive,to say the least. Amazing, is more like it. Prayers continue. Bren

  3. Great to here your out of the hospital and zipping through your recovery process. We are praying for you down here and wish you the best for a fast recovery and for a perfect heart to arrive for you at the right time . Looks like your in good hands with the family. Love the shirts Rich !
    p.s who authorized that floor lamp to be pulled out of inventory !

  4. Michaele BonenbergerAugust 15, 2010 at 9:39 PM

    Hi Dick!

    I'm the one who asked you if you had seen what Mary had been posting and if you had the authority to censor what she was sharing!!! I didn't think it would take you long to check it out for yourself!

    It was great to read your own entry on the blog--not that Mary hasn't been doing a good job--just glad that you felt up to it and to read your perspective on how things are going. The shirt looked fantastic!!

    You continue to be in our prayers.

  5. LOVE THE T-SHIRTS! It is was good to read your thoughts Dick. Darrell and I pray for you all and look forward to seeing you soon.