Monday, August 16, 2010

To The ER

Shortly after 1:00 AM I took Dick, who had been experiencing severe back pain and who had developed a horrendous rash, back to the hospital.  After three hours about 4:00 AM the ER doctor admitted him into the hospital.  This has been an extremely boring day for Dick who has been doing nothing but relaxing.  It is going to take time to discover what medicine he has developed an allergy to.  Thank God his back pain is once again controlled.  
It is a blessing he is there; they are in complete control of all his medications and can adjusted as needed.  One of the reasons we were told to stay in Minneapolis after surgery was because   things like this happen and should be expected.  When anyone has a implant or transplant,  additional rehab time is always expected as part of the recovery.

Tomorrow morning hopefully we will find out more.


  1. What a day!! Praying for you both...

  2. Let's get those meds under control. I imagine there are many to deal with. That is the downside of this adventure. Prayers continue. Bren

  3. Michaele BonenbergerAugust 16, 2010 at 10:39 PM

    I'm sure it must be a relief to you to have Dick where they can monitor his reactions and figure out the cause. It would be scary to have this going on in the apartment and feeling totally responsible for doing the monitoring yourself. Thank goodness for good medical staff~~