Friday, August 6, 2010

First Steps

Waiting for someone to get well is like waiting for water to boil.  Today Dick has been extremely foggy.  In the words of his surgeon Dr. Shumway, " he looks stoned."  This poor guy takes nothing stronger then a tylenol except for his heart meds, so all the drug that have been put into his body over these past few days have really made him goofy.  At some point this afternoon he thought there were bugs on the ceiling, I assured him there were no bugs only little dots in the accustical tiles. So although he is still foggy, he is moving forward.

Mid afternoon he had his first meal.  Orange jello along with beef broth and 7-up was served and while that might not sound very good to us, to Dick, who hadn't eaten since last Monday morning, it was wonderful.  The cardiology theorpist was also in and started leg strengthening excercises.  The rest of the day his time was spent going from the bed to the chair and the chair back to the bed.   These simple things which seem so easy to us are difficult to someone who has just under gone major surgery.  I remember when I had my knee replacement, lifting my leg even one inch was terribly painful.  So all the little steps he is taking are great!
With this kind of progress he should be leaving the ICU and moving to the 6th floor LVAD Cardiac wing really soon.  Of course the room he would like to have is room #10 which looks out over the river.  It is hard to believe this beautiful scenic view is in the middle of a large city.


  1. If you are posting and can't get through, try using Anonymous.

  2. Oh Mary....You are right...I was the same way..Rarely ever even took tylenol and even after my intestinal surgery, I didn't take any meds at home. So this last experience a year ago, they had me on so many pain pills that Ray asked them to reduce them. Guess I was a little nutty, too. Poor Dick, I wish he didn't have to through this but I am happy he is doing so well and has been so blessed with all the prayers and love surrounding him. Bet you have hospitalitus and are you eating the food there? Take care.......Love, Nancy

  3. Hi Nancy,
    They did take him off everything except Tylenol#3, when I go this morning I will see how he is doing. Hopefully he will be more alert and able to be moved to his regular room

  4. Awesome. Can't wait to come back up and see both of you!!