Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting Back Isn't Easy

It hasn't been easy getting back into the swing of things.  Dick is still not able to pick up and take off as he had hoped, but if you consider that just three weeks ago he had his surgery, it is quite remarkable he is where he is in his recovery process.  Most LVAD patients are just getting out of the hospital at this point.  
Robert, Dede, and Richard were most helpful in cleaning the apartment Sunday; packing all our things and bringing them home.  Sunday evening Jonathan helped unload Dede’s Tahoe of our "stuff” that had either been taken to Minneapolis or had been purchased or brought.  So, yesterday (Monday) it took all day to go through mail, laundry, rearranging furniture to fit the extra equipment and put everything away. 
Our electrician was nice enough to come over early Monday AM to put in a separate grounded circuit outlet for all of Dick's equipment. Because uninterrupted power is necessary to keep his pump working, all precautions must be met. Anyway, needless to say, last night when I finally sat down, I was totally drained. 
Dick had high hope of going back to his County Commission meeting this morning, but was still unable to muster up the energy. With daily exercise he is gaining strength so maybe next week….

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