Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good News

He lived through the test on Thursday and the test on Friday, and actually slept much better both nights - thank you for praying!  Three little polyps were removed from his colon on Thursday that needed to be biopsied, however the doctor was confident they were normal. Dick's heart/lung pressures and  blood flow counts were great and Dr Masri, his cardiologist, was very pleased with the final test results. Next week she will get the report concerning the polyps and based on the report will be able to proceed to the final step.  On November 23rd Dick's name will be presented to go on the heart transplant list.  Even now, as I'm writing these words, tears are flowing....  I can't define the emotion -  it goes beyond words!

When Dr. Masri, Shawn (Dick's LVAD coordinator), Richard, Dick and I were sitting in that final meeting, knowing he was so close, I wanted to jump up and celebrate.  He has finished all the tests required for the transplant evaluation and is now ready.

This morning as we were going to church, I said, "A heart transplant seems like such a big thing to most people, but to us it seems just like the next step,"  Dick agreed.  We were told the difficult surgery was the LVAD implantation and the actual heart transplant surgery will be much easier.  All I know is that with God all things are possible.  Maybe just maybe our lives can calm down and Dick can resume life in good health.  I can't imagine it....  Good health, wow, what an amazing gift; you don't know how wonderful good health is until you don't have it.


  1. Mary and Dick...I couldn't be more relieved. Mary, I hope you have been able to take care of yourself in the midst of all of this.

    Our prayers for both of you continue!

  2. It was good to visit with both of you this morning at The Point. I'm sure you must be exhausted. I will be praying for good rest for both of you and a positive report regarding the polyps (I guess in medical terms, we would be hoping for a "negative" report on the polyps, wouldn't we?). That never has made much sense to me!

  3. Oh Mary how true that all our weakest moments when we finally accept all that is true and trust God above all...With Him all is possible. I am so grateful for His love and shelter for you both. The safest place is in His loving arms......Nancy