Saturday, November 13, 2010

So Far So Good

Dick is ready for his test today, however his anxieties are off the chart. There is one procedure today and another procedure tomorrow and hopefully after these tests, he will calm down.  Both Dick and I have confessed of having emotional anxieties that, more than likely, we aren’t aware of having.  There is no other explanation of why we are experiencing some of the things we are experiencing.  This emotional roller coaster has been going on since he was first diagnosed with heart disease but lately it seems to have been gaining momentum.

When life leads us to a place where there is absolutely no human control possible, we are forced to trust God and forced to let Him orchestrate the events moment by moment.  Dick has been physically out of his human control since the end of June and I can tell you as an eyewitness, it is difficult for any human being to be there.  I think we pride ourselves in planning and preparing for life, and take almost a negative attitude toward helplessness and weakness, but it is in our helpless state where we actually see the hand of God move on our behalf.  Isn’t it a shame we are so determined to be strong and in charge?

So, as for today, we go on to this next step, thanking God, trusting God and putting our faith in God to work our future out for the good.  Let Go and Let God!

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