Monday, January 3, 2011

No Call

It is early in the AM on the third of January and to tell you the truth, I have been kind of down in the dumps; we wait and wait for the phone to ring but there is no call.   Dick has his first place position only until January 5th, then will drop down to the normal waiting list where he will wait his turn, which could mean months or possibly years.
His pace maker is wearing out and he has till March to get that changed.  Changing the unit will involve surgery, so if a heart could become available he will need neither the pacemaker nor the surgery, which would be a really good thing!
This is almost surreal;  a heart should come sometime. but. not knowing makes me feel as if it is not going to happen.  I know Dick thinks about it a lot too but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it except Trust God.
Looking back over 2010, it is obvious to both Dick and I the enormous amount of grace we has received this year,     Dick's heart failure, stroke, shingles and my back surgery and health issues .....  it is amazing that we have survived it all!  I look forward to the day when we can have all this behind us; please pray with me that this will be soon.

Love to each of you in this new year, Mary


  1. Dear Mary & Dick,

    I know that both of you are feeling really down right now and I can understand why you would. Not knowing--being in "limbo"-- is really hard! I am aware of how much faith and trust you have in God's wisdom, but it would be so much easier to wait if one only knew when this is supposed to happen.

    I am praying for a heart to become available at just the right time, in God's time. I also pray for the strength and faith you both need until then. Hold each other close and know that you have many friends who love you are praying for you every day!

    Mike B.

  2. Dear Dick and Mary,
    I so agree with Mike's comments. Somehow with a new year comes renewed hope that 2011 will be much more positive than 2010 with its many, many challenges. God is faithful, but darn it all, He knows that as His children, we get tired. Our times are not His, I know, yet we claim His promises. I am claiming "Where 2 or more are gathered in His name, He is in the midst of them." All who love you so much are storming the gates with requests for the perfect heart for Dick to become available before Dick would cede his first place status on the list. Today is my parents' 69th anniversay, so I say, why not today, tomorrow or the 5th? We do not want to be in a position to claim His sufficiency to sustain us through yet more waiting. He knows His overall plans for us, but they are much, much harder for us to grasp.
    We hold you in prayer, both care givers and lovers to each other.

  3. Dear Dick and Mary,

    It is 10:55 p.m. on Jan. 5th and I am still praying that the right heart may become available before midnight. Dick told me today and you and he had different interpretations on the deadline time--I told him that I agree with you, Mary.

    God knows the perfect time and whenever a heart that is a perfect match for just Dick is available, he will still be #1.

    Prayers and blessings~