Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still Waiting

People are asking me, what happens now.....  We Wait.  But while we wait, life is normalizing.  Slowly but surely piles are be sorted, lists are shrinking and tasks are being checked off.  You  can't imagine how long it takes to catch up after being gone off and on for almost three months, then down time due to illness.  Dick is back into his routine; the county commission is perfect for him.  He loves it and is so good at it; in fact, he is vice-chair this year.  But when 5:00 rolls around, he is done, both of us are grateful to have early evening.
One of these days, we will get a phone call from Fairview telling us that they have a heart.  When that happens, we will get on a plane and fly to Minneapolis.  Once we are they, doctors will prep Dick for surgery and a final decision will be made as to the match, and if everything lines us, Dick will get a new heart.
Dick tending his roses the summer of 2003
I really think both Dick and I needed this extra time to heal.  It is really nice to get up in the morning, kiss Dick goodbye and welcome him back home at the end of his day.  He is able to take cat-naps and go to bed early at night.  It will be wonderful for him to have his new heart and be able to add a few more things to his minimal schedule.  He loves to help me in the garden....  it will be wonderful to see him tend his roses, bar-b-queing a family dinner, taking Scout for a walk to the park or doing any of these "normal" life opportunities.   You don't know how precious little things are until you can't do them....


  1. YES...the precious moments, the little things...enjoy them all

  2. Life's blessings--however small--bring such joy when we take the time to pause and be more aware of them. You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

    Mike B.

  3. Have a heart!? Good, you'll have another one. Kinda like, GOT MILK. I have confidence in God and the doctors that all will go well for Dick.