Saturday, March 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never

It has been two weeks since Dick had his Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator replaced.  In the last blog, I made the mistake of calling it a battery, but as you can see, it is more than a battery!  The doctor was very pleased how things went.  He did not have to shock Dick which might have caused another stroke; he didn't feel it was worth the risk -  Praise God!
Dick had a few days where he really didn't feel well, however that was to be expected after surgery. If you think about it, cutting into a chest cavity, removing scar tissue, removing a devise lodged into his internal tissue and replacing the empty space with a new foreign object would take a healthy person time to recover, and when you think of all Dick has been through, I'm surprised he bounced back as quickly as he did.

Since we have returned from Minneapolis, our son and wife have had their second little girl - Anna Jeanne, our oldest grandson Andrew tragically lost his dad, and our wonderful three year old Springer Spaniel Scout, has had to start chemo therapy due to a cancerous tumor removed from her neck February 8th.  All in all, February was a mentally exhausting month and I'm glad it is over!

Tonight Dick and I went to a movie and out for dinner.  If felt so special!  It was a night like the ones we used to have, a delightful date night.  Funny how we take for granted little things like that; life can change so quickly.  We are so blessed to snatch an evening out every once in a while and it is a true blessing that we love our home and love being together.  Praise God for a wonderful husband and a great marriage ... gifts from God.

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  1. Nothing like a "snatched evening" once in awhile,especially with all you have been dealing with!