Friday, May 27, 2011


I was thinking about time and how the days have grown into months and still there has been no call.  Life has not been without its challenges during this season.

In February we welcomed another baby girl, Anna Jean, into the Kelly family.  John and Ashley have two beautiful girls!  There were some problems during labor and delivery, but mom and baby are just fine.

Dick developed what is know as a plural effusion, which is sack of water inside his chest, which gives him quite a bit of pain.  He has medicine which helps; just another hurdle.

In March, Dick celebrated his 70th birthday and mostly all the kids were able to come to SF and surprise him.  We have such a wonderful family; lots of support and lots of love.  It still amazes me how this large blended family is so united! There is such a wonderful sense of family love.

Dick has changed with the season change.  Winter was long and slow in coming but with the spring there has been a resurgence of his spirit.  In April Dick had cataract surgery on both of his eyes.  I'm thankful that he went ahead and took care of them because his vision was quite impaired and now he is finally able to see clearly.  John and Richard transformed our back patio, which was quite a project but both Dick and I love the yard and it was such a blessing!  It is wonderful to finally be outside again; to be able to see all our beautiful birds and plants again.  It speaks to me about the faithfulness of God and how He does restore.

Jackson, Richard's Boston Terrier, has done a brilliant job in ridding our backyard of rabbits,  Praise God.  All the little plants planted so far are actually growing without threat!
We have given him a new name....... KILLER

On May 26th  we lost our precious four year old Springer Spaniel, Scout.  She had developed lymphoma a few months ago and had been on chemo therapy.   Glaucoma, possible caused by a tumor behind her eye, put untreatable pressure on both eyes.  Finally the combination of all these horrible things attacking  our wonderful little Scout finally took its tole.   Last October our older dog died and now in May our puppy... it just doesnt' seem right...
Dolly and Scout
Much time has passed but we still need your prayers.  Life goes on and waiting gets soooo old.   You all have been so faithful and Dick and I so appreciate your continued love and support.  Oh, how we need it.

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