Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Post Transplant

The heart is just a muscle, a large pump.  Dick's old heart was the size of a basketball, the new heart is the size of his fist.  I was thinking about that this morning; it amazes me to see how strong the body is with a healthy heart and how quickly it can rejuvenate with good blood flow!

All day Tuesday I was packing, washing and working;  preparing for living elsewhere takes some doing.  I also had a project (work work) I needed to take care of before I leave, including bills to pay and follow up with the seamstress and contractor.
There will always be someone in our home taking care of the dogs and looking after my garden and plants, and taking care of the general household needs, so if I have forgotten anything, it can either be picked up when I come home next time or brought up with one of the kids when they come to visit.  I don't know if Dick will be able to come home with me when I come.....  I guess we will find out.
Our address in Minneapolis is written below so if you want to send Dick a card please do, I know it means a lot to him.  Email is always good, IF I can hook it up all the cables.   I will not have my computer whizz son to do that for me this time so I may be down a few days.  Son Robert does come in next Wednesday from California, it will be so good to see him again!  Last time he was home was during Dick's LVAD surgery.  I know he wants to spend some time with my mother so we will be coming home for a few days for sure.
Today is Dick's first transplant support group since his transplant.  He is #739, which means that since the first transplant at Fairview Hospital, there have been 738 before him and he now is the  739th recipient; this number includes children and adults.
I had better continue packing the car or I'll never get out of here.

PS.  Oh, Dick took his first walk yesterday.  I'll send you some pictures next blog

Apartment Address:

Argyle Apartments
920 Delaware Street SE,
Apartment 2029
Minneapolis, Minnesota  55414

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