Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18th

Today, Dick was sitting up and eating lunch, with his glasses on and talking.  It is truly remarkable, how quickly he is recovering.  We have had a great day.... the family is really tired and brain dead but I believe all our friends and family understand how stressful something like this is, but Dick is doing great.  We left him tonight planning on watching the Twins Game and Hawaii 5O.  This is approx. 18 hours after surgery;  he still has some pain from the surgery but is recovering amazingly well. Today they were able to remove the arterial catheters and many of the other tubes. Tomorrow they plan on moving him out of ICU into a normal room upstairs.
He will be in Minneapolis for the next four weeks.  Approximately two weeks in the hospital and two weeks in our apartment.  It is important for him to be seen and be checked for the possibility of rejection, as that chance is greater during this initial time.  We continue to need your prayers.  All cards can be sent to:

Richard Kelly
Fairview Medical Center
516 Delaware Street SE
Minneapolis, Mn  55455

Please no flowers, as he cannot chance any infections during this critical time of his recovery.


  1. Oh Mary, this continues to be such amazing news. John got quite emotional when I shared this with him.
    Now listen, please take good care of YOU. There is a whole staff to take care of Dick. You need to rest and bask in God's provision too.
    Love you so much!

  2. WOW...this is amazing! I agree whole-heatedly with Sally...please take good care of you.

  3. I continue to be amazed at the fact Dick finally has his new heart and that he is doing so well with his recovery. God is definitely answering many prayers!

    Just as Dick needs rest to recover, you also need to take good care of yourself. We are praying for all of you!

    Mike B.