Friday, July 29, 2011


You haven't heard from me for a few days, because I have been running around getting things ready for Dick's homecoming.  This past Tuesday both Dick and I were planing on his release from Fairview Hospital but we were truly unprepared to be given permission to move back to Sioux Falls.  Dick has to go back to Minneapolis for blood work and a heart biopsy once a week for two more weeks, but then the schedule changes and his routine checks will be twice a month and then once a month for a year.  Needless to say, neither Dick nor I could really wrap our minds around all this.  Eleven days from "the call" to the day he was being released from the hospital is nothing short of a miracle!  Thirteen days after this whole thing began we are moving back into our home!  Wow....  on the discharge papers, the comment by his doctor about his recovery said, "remarkable."
Dick is really doing well, obviously he must still take it easy and avoid crowds so he doesn't have any set backs, but he plans on attending the County Commission meeting Tuesday morning via Skype or something similar...  the wonders of modern technology.  Slowly but surely he will get back to a normal routine.
Please forward any cards directly to our home.
2409 S. Third
Sioux Falls, SD  57105

Again, thank you all for all your prayers, they truly have made all the difference!


  1. Dick and Mary,

    How wonderful!! I am so excited with the news you just posted! I am putting it onto the MyFamily site at The Point, as I know that not everyone has accessed your blog. WELCOME HOME, KELLYS!!

    Mike B.

  2. WELCOME HOME!So amazing...praying that the miracles continue

  3. We are singing praises to our God. Welcome home!

  4. Welcome home and all our wishes of a long and happy life to two very exceptional people! Dick is a tough fighter and Mary a truly dedicated and wonderful companion!
    Love, Jinny and Dan Faye