Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moving Day

This morning Dede and I arrive at the hospital to find Dick in good spirits.  It is moving day for Dick....  out of ICU and up to a regular floor.  The doctors continue to be delighted with Dick's progress and are thinking of releasing him from the hospital next week to go to our apartment. John, Michael and Richard drove up to visit Dick and arrived around noon.  They too were shocked to see how well he was doing.  People expect to see one thing but see something completely different.  I'm getting my husband back and the kids are getting their dad back.
John and I left for Sioux Falls.  I need to pack some things to take back to the apartment; clothes and such. Thursday I will move into the apartment and begin my stay. It is good to be home again to get some rest before they release him into my full time care. My mother is not doing really well, so I'm sure I will be back and forth often.

It is important for Dick to stay in Minneapolis for a total of four weeks after transplant to ensure that neither rejection nor infection set in.  Once the new heart accepts the new body, exams can tapper off, but at first, doctors are very cautious of everything. So 7 - 8 days in the hospital and three weeks in the apartment.  With the way things are going, we may be able to return earlier.  Remarkable!  We are so blessed to have our large family; everyone is willing to help any way they can. 


  1. Amazing! So glad you are taking pictures, too, and posting them for us to see Dick and everyone as well.

    We rejoice in your rejoicing! We continue to lift you as well as Dick, his new heart and its new body, up in our prayers for protection from infection and acceptance...no rejection...

    Blessings to our dear friends...and the God whom you continually serve will guard and keep you...

    Joy and Daryl Christensen

  2. Great news! Dick is a lucky Dog to have your loving care and support! We are still crossing our fingers and wishing for the best! Long live the new heart patient!
    Jinny and Dan Faye

  3. Tell Dick that his photo and an article about his surgery and serving on the County Commission was on the front page of today's Argus. It will soon be on the black board at The Point, also. Not everyone gets the newspaper and I know they would like seeing the article.

    Let me know if there is anything I can help you with when you come home or also with your mom.

    Mike B.

  4. Our God is amazing! Continued blessing and rest as you all care for each other through this process.
    John and Sally