Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday's Progress Report

They just took him down to xray.  Things are starting to happen; Dr .....  who will be harvesting the donor's heart said he will be leaving around noon; upon his examination and approval of the heart, Dick will go into pre-op.  It looks like he will be having the surgery early afternoon.  Dr.... said tonight around 9 or 10, he should be finished.  The first six hours after transplant are the most critical; rejection of the new heart or bleeding may occur where Dick may have to return to surgery.  This is not abnormal.  I'm glad they prepared me for this possibility.
Once Dick is sedated, he will be kept in a comatose state for about day.  The amazing news is that, if he can get up and start walking around and if everything looks good, he may be able to leave the hospital and go home in about 7 to 10 days.  Home as meaning Sioux Falls  yeh*#*#*#*!!!!!  This would be nothing short of a miracle!  I was so dreading living in Minneapolis for another six weeks.  We have to do what we have to do, but it would be such a blessing to do his recovery rehab in Sioux Falls.

I will be actually living at the hospital until Sunday around noon if all goes well, then I'll check into a motel until we know exactly what our future holds.  I'm not getting the apartment because I'm hoping it will not be needed.

Dick's spirits are good and he is looking forward to getting back to a NORMAL life style.  He wants to thank everyone for their support, concerns and prayers.

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