Saturday, July 23, 2011

A New Day

Dick is heart #739
Thursday night, when leaving the hospital, I noticed how much like Autumn it felt.  The heat has been awful lately, yet Thursday evening  was absolutely beautiful.  The walk to the apartment invited my thoughts to wonder...  Could the heat of our lives really be over?  Could this really be the beginning of a new season?
After packing and driving back to Minneapolis Thursday afternoon I had gone right to the hospital where I found Dick once again sitting in a chair.  He had a new sparkle.  He has NO pain.  He was counting  his carbohydrates; this alone is amazing, I have never known him to be conscious of calories or carbohydrates , in fact I don't know if he has ever even considered them.  Right now they have him in a induced diabetic state. This is caused by all the anti rejection drugs, hopefully as they wean him of off the prednisone, the diabetes should disappear; thus the reason for counting carbs.

If my eyes were not seeing this transformation, I wouldn't believe it.   Doctors give me the full assurance that Dick will be back on his bike soon, shaving with a razor, taking showers, taking walks, walking the dogs, helping me in the garden....  all things he use to do.  He just has to be careful when in crowds; I guess infections like colds and flu will always be a concern.

Transplant patients, the teacher of the class is on the far right 
He had a transplant class today.  There was a gal who had a kidney transplant, a man who had had a kidney/pancreas transplant,  a man who had had a liver transplant, and a gal who had had a kidney transplant seventeen years ago who had just received another one, and last but not least Dick who was the only heart transplant.  All the transplants recipiants in this class had just had their transplants since Saturday.

The pretty on is Dick's doctor, she couldn't be more pleased
 Could this all behind us, oh how I pray so.   I wonder how many people actually are given a second chance? I just found out that his sister Cindy is coming to Sioux Falls in September.  She too has been given a second chance;  -  another one of God's healings.

Although, Dick's main doctor is Dr. Mazri, Dr. Cindy Martin has been taking care of him during his stay.  She is one of the cardiologists.  Dr.  ......  is a fellow who works with her.

Dick and his nurse Brant,...  Dick looks good doesn't he!


  1. Looking good Dad.What a remarkable journey you have been on. Looking forward to having you back in Sioux Falls and showing off the new you. Love you, Dede

  2. Dick really looks terrific! I do believe in miracles and second chances...Blessings to you both

  3. I am thrilled to see these photos. Dick looks so good, and you are indeed blessed. The joy is that you know it. God is so good. Miracles happen of course.
    Yes, the change in weather may indeed be a wink from Him and the beginning of a lovely new chapter for your family.
    Love and prayers,

  4. Oh Dick....I see that old grin like "see what God did for me". You look terrific and I wish I could be there to see you. So glad Cin is coming! My heartfelt thanks to everyone who worked God's miracle....doctors, nurses,etc....but most of all the love and attention he received from you Mary and all the kids. See..God always knows what He is doing. He blessed you with Mary and children who love and care for you. I love you, Dick and Mary and family.