Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back to Work

This week has been filled with Dick's PT, OT, and ST (short for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy).  All these therapies are a new form of "work" for him.  Dick's LVAD coordinator  Shawn came to Sioux Falls this past Tuesday to teach a class on the VAD at the Heart Hospital. Because this is not a common procedure, not too many are familiar with the LVAD and need some training. Of course Dick, Dede, and I were there Tuesday afternoon, and Dick seemed quite pleased to show off his equipment.  It was really nice to see that it was so well attended.

While Dick kept busy with his work, the week for me was filled with the long neglected interior work I had virtually left back in July.  I must say, my clients are the best!  They have been more than understanding and have patiently waited for our lives to somewhat stabilized. I praise God for each of them and pray God will richly bless them for their kindness!

Dick is once again talking politics with friends and associates and is planning to get back to the commission meeting next week.  He still gets tired, but is trying to balance his therapies and work with rest. Please continue to pray for him, sleep is still a problem and he still needs more strength in his right hand.

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  1. You both have such a wonderful inner strength that makes this entire adventure a complete success. It is so evident that God and friends are your strong support.
    Prayers continue -- for both of you! BHL