Friday, September 17, 2010

Home Sick

I think Dick and I are both home sick.  The days seem longer and it is harder to come back to the hotel.  Dick is for sure ready to be released.  Tomorrow (Saturday) he will be discharged from rehab; I pray for the last time until transplant.
Both of us have accomplished much this week, but now it's time to come home.  Back to our home, dog, home cooking, wonderful family, and friends.  I'm scheduled to have my back surgery the first part of October and once again the kids are rising to the occasion to help.  Dede will move into our home for the first week and Robert is trying to coming back for the two weeks following.  I need to  train Dede how to change Dick's dressing but Robert already knows... (he spent all that time after Dick's release helping me).
2010 has definitely been a year to remember.  On June 20th, Dick thought it would be a normal summer...  God has shown us so much GRACE in the midst of our challenges.  It has been hard to be away these past nine weeks; away from our family and dear friends, away from our "safe place."  Like I said yesterday, it will be good to get home.


  1. It will be good to have you home!
    Mike Bonenberger

  2. I am happy you are going home today. I know it has been difficult. I wish I were closer. I would love to take care of you both during all of this. Iknow God is so very close to you and sheltering you. He is so precious to us. Love, Nancy