Monday, September 6, 2010

Emergency trip

Hello everyone,
This is Robert, I'm filling in for mom to give you a quick update.  This morning mom and Dick were preparing to head back to Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis for some post-op appointments with Dick's cardiologist and surgeon.  Mom found Dick around 5:00 AM slumped over the bed unable to talk; he had suffered a stroke.  She called his doctors and they rushed him to MN by plane.  They are both in the hospital now and a team of Neurologists have been brought in to help diagnose what may have caused this.  It will take at least a day to identify the cause but thankfully Dick's  cardiologists are working along side the Neurologist.  He apparently has suffered some paralysis on his right side.

Tonight mom is making arrangements to move back into the apartment.  Please hold them up.  Thank all you prayer warriors, we must continue to persevere, seek the Lord and trust His divine purpose through this storm.

"O Lord my God, I cried out to You, and You healed me."
-Psalm 30:2


  1. Megan and I prayed this morning, and we will continue. Oh Lord, please heal Dick--give him a new heart. Please be with Mary, and all the Kelly family. In Jesus name.

  2. Dear Dick & Mary,

    Larry and I have been praying for you, Dick, and for Mary and the rest of your family.

    Allen Kjesbo called me and asked if I would post something on the My Family site, which I did. I included some of the updated information that Robert had written on your blog. So, you will have many prayer warriors from your church family at The Point praying for you also.

    We are praying that they are able to locate the source of the clot and can address that. You are in good hands--medical staff & God's.

    Mike Bonenberger