Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today's forcast is SUNNY

Dick is regaining his strength every day.  Yesterday he began moving is right hand fingers. I thank God he is left handed.  You never think about all you do with your hands until you don't have the use of one of them.
He had a wonderful night rest Sunday night and I'm hoping last night was equally as restful.
Yesterday (Monday) he was in therapy all day so I actually hit my lists. Fortunately for me the International Market Square here in Minneapolis is the place I go to work on my interior projects; it felt really good to get some neglected work done.  Today, Dick will be in therapy almost all day again, but unlike yesterday, I intend on sitting in most of his exercises.  Really on the whole, Dick is really responding well, much better than I had ever imagined. I'm very optimistic!

Richard is coming over this afternoon and together we are going to get a new phone for me. If you have tried to call me and I haven't answered, it is because my phone isn't working right and it's time to retire this one for a more trustworthy one especially if you consider that one of these days, doctors will be calling us about a new heart.  Good communication is vital at this stage of the game.  More later.....


  1. Therapy, therapy, therapy -- Practise, practise, pracitse. It was one year ago today that I broke my knee cap -- not even close to having a stroke, BUT therapy and practise were the God-sent to my healing. It is in His devine plan. Prayers continue, BHL

  2. Good news...I am especially happy to hear you are creating some space for you and your needs as well

  3. Thanks for the update.
    Thoughts and prayers always and smiles with a good update.

  4. Really good news. Our prayers are with you. Love to you and Dick!