Friday, September 10, 2010

Practice, Practice, Practice

Yesterday I left Minneapolis but was in communication with Dick's nurse and doctors.  He is beginning to be able to squeeze the ball with his right hand and even press hard enough to imprint a glob of putty.  This is a wonderful improvement!   Although gone, I'm still in communication with him via cell-phone, so he is getting plenty of practice speaking.  I can understand his words and although his speech sounds a little like he has something in his mouth, I can fully understand what he is saying.
Richard and Dick and gone to the LVAD support group and to lunch; I'm sure he practiced lots of speaking in both settings as well.  He is particularly concerned about his speaking because of his County Commission position; rest assured he is working really hard so he will be able to resume sooner rather than later.
I was thinking of the word fortitude this morning and looking it up in Webster's Dictionary I found: "strength of mind that enables a person to encounter danger or bear pain or adversity with courage."  As I ponder that word, I think fortitude is a good measure of a man's character. Who amongst us has never had adversity or pain in our lives?  In these past few years Dick has definitely had his share; he has been and is an overcomer, a man of fortitude.  His entire family is truly blessed.


  1. And may I say, dear friend that Dick and his entire family has been truly blessed by you, a humble servant of God. I love you, girl.

  2. Resilent, unwavering, uncompromising ,steadfast all come to mind. We are so blessed by your life.