Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Three-Legged Dog?

Decisions have to be made....  If Dick goes to in-patient rehab Thursday and will be there from seven to ten days, then what do I do about housing etc?  I have a doctor appointment on Thursday, so Dede and I will be leaving Dick tomorrow and Richard will stand in during our absence.  I guess when I return, a hotel will be the best temporary stay.

Thank the Lord for Richard who is so willing to cover for me.  I so appreciate the kids who have sacrificially taken time away from their jobs to be with their dad.   Please pray for them.

Today Dick's right hand is still paralyzed and his speech is still slurred.   The speech therapist is teaching him to speak slower and more intentional, and the  physical therapist will teach him how to use other parts of the brain to achieve his desired goal.  So on the whole, he is recovering nicely and the doctors  are pleased.  Dick will need six weeks of recovery before being eligible for a heart, however his doctors will be more aggressive to find him a heart, because of the stroke.
Dick just asked, " Have you ever seen a three legged dog?"

Answer: They learn to adapt and so will Dick.


  1. I have seen a three legged dog and Dick is much better looking, even sick. Keep up the good rehab, and prayers continue. BHL

  2. Bless his precious heart and body as they adjust to all of this. Love and prayers, nancy
    Prayers to the kids for taking off of work for their father....I know that's a loving sacrafice!