Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hard Work

Everything is hard work, even the simplest of things seem difficult.  Although Dick is regaining some strength in his right hand, he still feels numb and those automatic movements just don't work like they used to.  Imagine only using one hand to do the everyday things.  Imagine putting on your coat, cutting a steak, setting a table, typing, opening a bottle, pouring the orange juice, holding a book, making coffee, or getting dressed; he is relearning and adapting really well in spite of the obstacles.

His physical therapy treatments have increased to almost three hours or more a day.  Yesterday he practiced getting in and out of a car and worked in their mock kitchen; I love having help in the kitchen so I was particularly pleased he was learning those skills.  Last night Rich and I took him out for a little Italian, which is one of our favorite types of food.  It started to rain hard so we lingered at the restaurant which seemed so right, kinda like those dinners we used to have.  I guess nothing stays the same, in fact, I have come to the conclusion that we are always in a state of change; it helps us trust God all the more.  The rain finally let up enough for us to dash (Dick's dash is semi-slow) to the car. Both Dick and I long for the day when our life can stabilize, we must trust God to work all this out.
Every night I dress his implant sight; he thinks I do it the best.  I have to admit it is getting to be second nature and going much quicker then at first.  When the dressing is finished, Dick and I are more than ready for sleep; him to his room and me to mine.  It will be good to be home again.

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